NeverEndingPrincessStory is a MultiPlayer Fantasy Game for Adults

Completely Original and developed daily for your amusement and delight
Join the land of NEDE and be a pauper or a Prince. All roads lead to the Castle.

Multiplayer Fantasy Environment

Choose Your Character

There are 3 options - Peasant, Important Person or DemiGod/Warlord. Choose your character Male/Female/Fantasy and your "affiliation" The Light or the Dark. And then press PLAY.


You will have some basic skills like riding, archery or Melee Weapons. If you are a "good" character you could be a Knight. If you are a "bad" character you could be either OVERTLY evil or COVERTLY evil. As a low level character you follow the Important Personage Character. If you die, its AOK; you are respawned as often as required.

Important Personage

Wizard, Warrior, Hero and Witch are some of the Characters available. Lead the plebs on missions to kill dragons and slay beasts. Lead you troops in battle. You are bigger and stronger than the others and have additional powers.


Left/Right, Ying/Yang you exist in different worlds and can decide how you want to interact. Invincible; but every 3 months you must battle your strongest warriors if you want to retain your post. Otherwise, game over.

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We don't pay 30% to app stores; we spend it on building the game.

It's expensive enough to try and provide a MultiPlayer experience at a high level even for the best and largest studios. To give away 30% off the top or some other fee ($300USD) for distribution for us is a scam. This does not include the hoops you have to jump through as a developer to exist on these platforms. Our app is available to members from this website only or our discord server.

Is there a free demo???


Why sould I trust you?

This game has been under development for almost 10 years! This is just the most recent version! Come join us, it will be fun!!


One of the tag lines in NEPS is "Find Your One True Love. Not difficult for us to put you in the right place and do some data stuff to present you with possible matches. This is still under development and not released but an important part of the game. Need players first!!

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